Events and Listeners in Java

The event classes represents the events that are generated when an end user interact with the AWT components. An event is an object which specifies the change of state in the source.

Checkboxes in Java Applet

A Check box is a AWT control that is used to turn an option on(true) or off(false). It consists of a small box that is either selected or unselected based on whether the Boolean argument is true or false.


Structure in C

Structure contains a number of data items(int,float,char) grouped together. These data items may or may not be of same type. So we can say that structure is a collection of heterogeneous(different) data items.

Recursion in C Programming

Recursion is a process by which a function calls itself repeatedly, until some specified condition has been satisfied. Such a function is called recursive function.

Passing arguments in C functions

Argument passing is a technique for transferring data and information between the calling and called function. There are two ways to pass arguments to the called function:a)Call by Value b)Call by reference.

Input and Output Streams in Java

A stream is a water body that carries water as it flows from one point to another. In programming terminology , a stream can be a continuous group of data or a channel through which data travels from one point to another. An input stream receives data from a source into a program and an output stream sends data to a destination from the program.

How to display Clock using Applet

An applet is a small program typically embedded within the web page which is used to create a dynamic and interactive application.Each applet that is created must be subclass of the Applet class, contained within the java.applet package. This class contains methods which govern the life and behavior of the Applet.

User Defined Exception in Java

The built-in exceptions provided by the Java platform are used to handle errors occurring in the program. But , sometimes the programmer wants to create his own application specific exceptions. User defined exception can be created simply by defining a subclass of Exception class and using the throw keyword.

Addition of Two Numbers Using Applet

To build an applet, first of all we need to create an applet code(.java file). After successful compilation, its corresponding .class file is created. Then a web page also known as HTML document is to be developed. Once the HTML document is created, the applet is to be inserted in it. Finally the resultant HTML document will be executed to produce the desired output.

Recursion in Java

Java support Recursion function. Recursion is the attribute that allows a method to callitself. A method that calls itself is said to be recusive. The best example of recursion is the computation of the factorial(1*2*3*4*5) of a number. The factorial of a number n(any last number) is the product(*) of all the whole numbers between 1 and n.

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