Program to copy array in Java

The technique used to copy one array into another is same as used to copy 4 separate variable. In an array we use same type elements and fixed size collection means finite number of objects.Array elements are counted beginning with 0(zero).

Creating thread to print out messages

Multithreading means we can divide the program into two or more subprograms. All the subprograms can be implemented at the same time in parallel.We use run() for executing the sequence of code  that the thread will execute.

Program to count the characters in the string

String is a series of characters and it can be delimited using double quotes(“”). By using character array we can represent a sequence of characters in C++. Character arrays has being able to query their length, they themselves are not good enough to support the range of operations we may like to perform on string.

Program in Java that prints the half lower of the Array

Array having more than one dimensional are called multi dimensional([multiple rows][ multiple col]) arrays. An array having two dimensional is called two-dimensional([2rows][2col]) array.

StringBuffer in Java

The StringBuffer class is mostly used when we have to make a lot of modifications(any changes) to Strings of characters. String class does not support string mutability. That is why we use StringBuffer class.Objects of StringBuffer class can be modified a number of times.

Program of fibonacci series in Java

Fibonacci series is a series of integer in which each integer is equal to the sum of the two preceding integers in the series.The series is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8…………   looks like

Copy Constructor in C++

Copy constructor is used to copy the value of one object to another object. We used the copy constructor like     “ counterrr(counterrr &ob)”. We can declare and initialize an object from another object like “counterrr c2(c1)”.We create two objects that means   counterrr   c1 and c2 .

Arrays of objects in C++

An array is a non-primitive data type whose members (variables)are of the same type and stored in continuous memory functions, just as one can create an array of any basic data type, one can also create arrays of objects.

Friend function in C++

Friend keyword is used for friend functions.

In C++ class has data member and member function. Data member declare private that cannot be accessed outside the class, means non-member function of class. But some time situation is arises, private data member need to access outside the class. That is done by friend function. A friend function is called non-member function, when we create friend function, we can access private member of class.

How to display message in browser status bar using applet in Java


showStatus() is used to display the message in the status line.This method display a string in the status line .The status line is located at the bottom of the screen(browser or the appletviewer).

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