Program to access the Vector class in Java

Vectors are another form of Arrays in Java. The difference between array and vector is that Vector is a generic dynamic array that can hold any number of objects. The vector class is defined in the special package and that is java.util package.

import java.util.*;

class vect


public static void main(String aa[])




Vector vec21=new Vector(8,5); //vector are created by using new keyword

int i;

System.out.print('\n'+"Capacity of vector is=");

int t1=vec21.capacity();   //returns the size of the vector


System.out.println('\n'+"Object in vector are:");



vec21.addElement(aa[i]);   //adds an object to the vectors

String s=(String)vec21.elementAt(i);   /*retrieves the vector object,which is stored at the specified   location*/

System.out.print(" "+s);


vec21.addElement("ob11");   //object(ob11) add at the end of the vector

String s=(String)vec21.elementAt(10);



int t2=vec21.capacity();

System.out.print('\n'+"current capacity after adding to object is :"+t2);

System.out.println('\n'+"after adding objects size :"+vec21.size());

vec21.insertElementAt("ob8",8);   //add the object(ob8) at location 8

System.out.println('\n'+"object in vector are:");



String s2=(String)vec21.elementAt(i);

System.out.print(" "+s2);


/*displaying the first and last object of vector*/



vec21.removeAllElements(); //removing the contents of vector

System.out.print('\n'+" after remove size ="+vec21.size());



catch(Exception e)







Vector in Java


This shows the working of Vector class in Java. An object of the Vector class is created with the initial size, 8 and incremented by 5 using its constructor. The objects in the vector are entered by user and these objects are displayed on the screen by using for loop.

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