Convert Decimal to Binary

Decimal number contains 10 digits(0-9) but Binary number contains two digits(0,1).


//Program to convert decimal to binary



long binary(long int num);

void main()


                long int num;

                printf("Enter the decimal no.");


                printf("Decimal=%ld, Binary=%ld\n",num,binary(num));


long binary(long int num)


                long rem,a=1,bin=0;








     return bin;


Decimal Number…..Our present number system a base or radix od 10 is based on the use of ten different digits(0-9)for example 210.The highest numerical symbol    i.e 9 has a value one less than the base for the decimal number system.

Binary Number……Binary number system uses only 2 digits(bits), i.e 0,1 and has the base of 2.

Convert decimal to binary

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