Using the Java Arrays Binary Search Methods

Arrays are a way to store a list of items that have the same primitive data type or class. Each item on the list goes into its own slot, which is numbered, so that the information can be easily accessed. Array can store any type of information that can be stored in a variable.

Two-Dimensional Arrays in Java

In Java, multi dimensional arrays are also referred to as arrays of arrays. 2D array is the commonly used and simplest multi-dimensional array. Generally ,2D arrays are referred to as one-dimensional arrays lists. 2D arrays are represented in a row-columns form on paper, and the terms "rows" and  "columns" are used in computing.

Program to find Smallest and Largest number in Java

Find Largest and Smallest Number in an Array means how to find largest and smallest number in an array.In this example we use 10 numbers in which we find the smallest and largest value.

What is an Array

An Array can be defined as a finite ordered set of homogeneous elements. Here, finite means that there is a specific number of elements in an array. By the term ordered we means that elements of array are arranged in a sequence so that first, second, third etc. The homogeneous property of array means that all elements in the array must be of the same type. It is use to handle a large amount of data without the need to declare many indivisual variable. The array elements are store in a contigious memory location.


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