Program to calculate Profit or Loss percentages using java

In calculating profit percent(%) and loss percent(%) we will learn about the basic concepts of profit and loss

JSlider in Java Swing

Slider in Swing is similar to scroll bar which allows the user to select a numeric value from a specified range of integer values.

ItemListener in Java Swing

ItemEvent represents the event which is generated when a menu item is selected or deselected, checkbox item is clicked or a list item is selected.

FocusListener in Java Swing

Focus Listener is the interface which is used to receive the keyboard focus event.focusGained(gains the keyboard focus) and focusLost(loses the keyboard focus) are the two methods.

GridBag Layout in Java Swing

GridBag Layout is complex when compared to the other layouts provided in the AWT. GridBag Layout allows the user to organize components in multiple rows and columns, stretch specific rows and columns when space is available, and anchor objects in different corners.

BoxLayout in Java

BoxLayout organizes components horizontally or vertically(rows or a column) means components are placed top-to-bottom or left-to-right in the order in which they are added to the container.


Java Virtual Machine

Java uses both Compiler and Interpreter. Source code written in Java is compiled to generate bytecode and then this bytecode is interpreted to machine instructions for specific machine.

Jump Statements in Java

Jump statement are used to alter the flow of control unconditionally. That is, jump statement transfer the program control unconditionally. The jump statement defined in Java are break, continue and return.

Introduction to Java Multithreading

To understand this concept one should know about multitasking or multiprogramming concept. In these concept we know that the system can perform more than one task at a time. In multitasking there is single user and a multiprogramming there are number of users performs the number of jobs. According to these concept the java introduced multithreading concept. In multithreading the programmer can divide a single program into multiple parts(tasks). These are implemented by using thread class or by interface runnable.

Popup Menu in Java Swing

A PopupMenu is a menu(which contains more than one menus) which is not visible until the user make a specific mouse action(right click).To create a popup menu we use the class JPopupMenu after that we can add menu items JMenuItem to a Popup Menu.

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