Program of queue using Linked List

As in Stacks, a queue could be implemented using a Linked List. A queue can be implemented by the following declarations and algorithms:

Program of queue using array

To represent(create) a queue we require a one dimensional array of some maximum size(int queue_arra[MAX];)  to hold the data items and two other variable (int rear = -1;int front = -1;) to point to the beginning and the end of the queue.

What is Data Structure?

Data Structure is the branch of computer science that unleaches(set free) the knowledge of how the data should be organized, how the flow of data should be controlled and how a data structure should be designed and implemented to reduce the complexity and increase the efficiency of the algorithm.

Drop down Menu

Menus are an integral part of GUI(Graphical User Interface). Menus allow the user to perform actions  with extra GUI components. In Swing GUIs, menus can only be attached to objects of the classes that provide method setJMenuBar.

Pointer in C


Pointers are variables that contains memory addresses as their values.The & or address operator, is a unary operator that returns the address of its operand.

Floodfill function in C++

Floodfill function when executed fills an enclosed area with the colour and pattern to be inserted given  by the user. The pattern to be filled is given through setfillstyle() function.

Vector Example in Java

Vector can be used to implement dynamic Array. It can accommodate any number and any type of objects. It is used to store various objects into a single unit.

How to create simple table in Java Swing

A Table is used to display data in the form of rows and columns. It can allow editing of data which is optional. By default, the columns of a table can be resized.

The use of for Loops alongwith Graphical function to draw a circle chain

Circle() is used to draw a circle centered at(x,y) with radius specified by the variable radius in the current drawing colour.

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