Usage of Thread in Applet


 The applet is used to display coloured bubbles of different sizes(all bubbles are of different size).
The choice or selection of the colour or size is done randomly. The array colors(colors[]) is used to store the different colours.
The Math.random() is used to randomly select the colour from the colors array and to calculate the size of the bubble.


Basics of C++


The C++ Language was developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ pronounced C plus plus here “++” means the C increment operator. C++ supports the object oriented technology and C does not support object oriented language means real world entities. This is because C++ is the object oriented language. C is the structured programming language but C++ is the object oriented language.

Arithmetic Operator in C


Introduction of C Language

Types of   Programming Language

       1.Low Level

                   a)  Machine Level Language

                   b)  Assembly Language


Characteristics of C language


C is a programming language that has been developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1970's.

1)Simple and Clear----C has richest collection of data types(int,float,char), operators(symbolic representation) and inbuilt functions.

Classes and Object

Main concept of object oriented language


           Classes are the basis for any object oriented system classes have well defined boundaries and describe a set of objects that share similar properties and perform similar functions. Classes can be reused within a system or they can be used while developing a new system.

Difference between Conventional and object oriented language



Before we talk about object oriented programming, we must know about all the programming like structured, procedural etc.

What is an Array

An Array can be defined as a finite ordered set of homogeneous elements. Here, finite means that there is a specific number of elements in an array. By the term ordered we means that elements of array are arranged in a sequence so that first, second, third etc. The homogeneous property of array means that all elements in the array must be of the same type. It is use to handle a large amount of data without the need to declare many indivisual variable. The array elements are store in a contigious memory location.


Program Structure

1)Documentation Section---Include Comment

2)Link Section----Include headerFile

3)Definition Section---Include symbolic     

Constants in Java


                   Constant means fix value we cannot change or we can say it’s a unchangeable value. Constant values are used in the program we cannot change the value during execution.After the initialize of the variable we can set constant value to the variable like this…….int a;     a=12;

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