Passing parameters to Applet in Java

An <applet> tag is used to pass parameter in an applet. We use <PARAM> tag to pass anapplet parameters. The <PARAM> tag has two attributes one is NAME and other is VALUE.

Program to access the Vector class in Java

Vectors are another form of Arrays in Java. The difference between array and vector is that Vector is a generic dynamic array that can hold any number of objects. The vector class is defined in the special package and that is java.util package.

Variable size Array in Java

In java we can create arrays that are not rectangular. Such type of arrays are called unstructured arrays or N-dimensional array. To declare such type of arrays, you can specify memory to store separate number of elements in separate rows.

BorderLayout in Applet

BorderLayout divides the container into five parts (directions),east,west,north,south,centre. By using this Layout we can place AWT components in each parts(different location).

GridLayout in Applet

GridLayout places components(Labels,TextFields etc) in a grid of equally sized cells(intersection of a row and a column), adding them to the grid from left to right and top to bottom.It divides the containers into rows and columns.

Program to perform functions of a calculator

The Switch-case statement is a multi way decision statement. If and if-else are used for small number of choices but when we have large number of conditions we use switch-case statement. Depending upon the value supplied by user, the appropriate case is matched, the corresponding statements will be executed, all the other cases will be skipped.

Program to illustrate the concept of passing pointers as arguments

In function when we pass arguments by value then the photocopy is actual arguments is passed to formal arguments where as in call by reference the actual address of actual arguments passed to formal arguments.

Bitwise operator

Bitwise operator are used for manipulating of data at bit(0,1) level.These operator are used for testing the bits and shifting from right to left.The bitwise operators are AND, OR, XOR, SHIFT RIGHT, SHIFT LEFT, EXCLUSIVE OR(^).

Program to check the given number is Armstrong or not

Armstrong number is that number which are of three integer digits, which sum of the cube of its individual digits is equal to that number which we enter like 153 ,the cube of 1 and the cube of 5, and the cube of 3 and the sum of both (1*1*1)+(5*5*5)+(3*3*3)=153 means its armstrong number.

others are.....370,371,407 etc


Constructor with sqrt function in C++

Most of the mathematical functions are placed in math.h header file. sqrt returns the positive square root of floating point .Mathmetical functions like abs, sin, cos, sqrt etc.

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