Program for initialize mouse cursor in C

This is program to Initialise Mouse and display its cursor. Dos.h header file is used for handling interrupts,date & time functions,producing sound,delay,sleep etc. We can do everything with mouse using C codes.

C programme to draw a Rainbow

In C Graphics we use graphics.h functions. This is used to draw different shapes(like circle,rectangle etc),display text(any message)in different format(different fonts and colors).By using graphics.h we can make programs, animations and also games. We have to call initgraph function which will initialize the graphics mode.

Menus and ToolBar in Java Swing

A tool bar is a button bar that gives quick access to the most commonly used commands in a program.Tool bar are made up of buttons,there is no restriction on the components that you can add to a tool bar.

ImageSelection in Java

The ImageSelection class is simply a wrapper for Image objects.Objects that you want to transfer via the clipboard must implement the Transferable interface.We build an ImageSelection class that can be used to transfer images through the local clipboard.

Java Print Dialog

The Java2D platform has the beginning of a robust printing model that is fully integrated with 2D graphics. We can easily print a drawing on a single sheet of paper. We can also manage a multipages printout and easily generate a print preview dialog.

Constructive Area Geometry Operation in Java

By using a sufficient number of lines and curves we can draw essentially any shape. It is easier to describe a shape(rectangles, polygons, or ellipses) by composing it from areas. The Java2D supports four constructive area geometry operations that combine two areas to a new area:1)add 2)subtract   3)intersect   4)exclusiveOr.

Painting in Awt and Swing

When you fill a shape, its inside is covered with paint. You use the setPaint method to set the paint style to an object whose class implements the paint interface. In Java2d, there are three classes 1)Color 2)GradientPaint   3)TexturePaint.

Clipping in Java Swing

By setting a clipping shape in the graphics(graphics means to the creation, storage and manipulation of pictures and drawings using a digital computer) context, you constrain all drawing operations to the interior of that clipping shape. The clip method intersects the existing clipping shape with the new one .

Coordinate Transformations in Java

Transformations are very useful in practice. They allow you to work with coordinate(x,y) values. The scale method of the Graphics2D class sets the coordinates transformation of the graphics context to a scaling transformation. There are four fundamental transformations 1)Scaling   2)Rotation 3)Translation 4)Shear

Thread Priorities

In the Java programming language, every thread has a thread priority. You can increase or decrease the priority of any thread with the setPriority(). You can set the priority to any value between MIN_PRIORITY(defined as 1 in the Thread class) and MAX_PRIORITY(defined as 10),NORM_PRIORITY(defined as 5).

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